Friday, May 15, 2009

Blink! And a year is gone!

Today is BB's first birthday!  So much has happened over this past year.  He's grown from a mewing but alert, strong, eight pound ball of flesh to a happy, cuddly, smart one year old!  

There's so much I am feeling inside today that I'd love to try to put into words, but time does not permit it.  We're holding a birthday party for him tomorrow.  Some friends and our immediate family are invited, and I am so not ready for the company!  It's been a hectic week, and DH, BB, and myself have all had colds.  I was supposed to make BB's birthday cake last night, but was feeling like I'd been hit by a transport, so I headed to bed shortly after BB fell asleep.  Hopefully everyone is truly coming to be with BB tomorrow, and won't be bothered by the chaos of our house!  

This morning, BB rang-in the exact moment of his birth by nursing.  It was a special way for us to celebrate it.  Today BB and I are hanging out together, and enjoying one another's company.  I think this is a favourite way to spend the day for both of us.  :)

Happy birthday to my sweet little man.  You are my world.


Mr. & Mrs. said...

Happy birthday BB!

cuddles said...

Thanks! :)

Independent Chick said...


cuddles said...

Thanks, Independent Chick! :) I'll be sure to pass along your X&Os to him when he wakes up in the night. ;o)