Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day

I realized today that I'm spending my first Mother's Day weekend as a true mom.  I've been caring for a baby who has come down with an icky cold (after only having one day of normalcy from the effects of the stomach bug), I spent several hours yesterday preparing lunch to take to my parents' place today so mom didn't have to cook a meal for everyone on Mother's Day, and then made the trip to my parents' place today, sick baby in tow, to celebrate Mother's Day.  Like most mothers, I'm sure, I've felt like I've been pulled in many directions at once.  This is the first quiet moment I've had to myself all weekend, but I still have a to-do list that is seven items long, and it needs to be completed before I go to bed tonight (not to mention the to-do list I have prepared for tomorrow!)

Now, all that being said, I wouldn't trade this motherhood thing for anything in the world.  And I have been treated pretty good this weekend.  DH surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful yellow tulips Friday night (this is a true surprise -- it's only the second time he's bought me flowers in over nine years), last night he prepared a feast of seafood for us, and today he gave me a card AND had last night's dishes done by the time I returned home from mom & dad's place today!  Out of all these things, guess what I appreciated the most?  Yep, the dishes.  I have a pretty great hubby!  In addition to all of the in-house spoiling, my brother and his girlfriend gave me a mother's day gift as well!  So thoughtful of them!  It is a beautiful handmade pottery mug.  (In the mug was a business card from the potter leading me to this blog.  I'm looking forward to checking it out!)

I hope all of my mommy-friends in the blogging world had a good Mother's Day!


Independent Chick said...

Happy Mother's Day doll!!! Sounds like you had a good one. You deserve it! Take good care. xoxox

cuddles said...

Thanks! :) xo