Friday, May 8, 2009

Bonus Day!

BB has been sick since last Friday night.  He woke up with a high temperature and was vomiting.  Since then he's had diarrhea and has not been himself.  It's been a bad week for him--being sick, plus having to go to the babysitter's, instead of just snuggling with mommy when he needs it the most!  By suppertime last night it was clear that he was finally on the mend!  

He was supposed to spend six hours at the sitter's today.  I was feeding him his breakfast and was making a point of sticking to our schedule so he would arrive on-time, when the sitter called and said that she has been sick several times this morning, and was going to send her own child to a friend's place and was going back to bed.  Oops.  I guess she must have picked this up from BB.  But I figure he probably picked it up there in the first place, since he didn't pick it up off of us.  Hopefully she's feeling better soon.  I'm not happy she's sick, but I am VERY happy that I unexpectedly get to spend the day with my sweet little boy today!  Plus, another day at home with his regular naps, and he should be as good as new by tomorrow!  

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