Sunday, May 3, 2009

Damn Those Busses

It turns out that my grandmother did have a heart attack.  It seems so bizarre to me, since she's never been one to over-indulge in food, I've never known her to have a drink, smoke, and she's not obese.  Perhaps the fact that her heart has served her well for almost 80 years is a tribute to these facts?  Because she was still having problems, she was transferred to SJ yesterday, as they are better equipped to deal with this sort of problem.  On Monday she will have an angioplasty, but will still be left with a blocked artery.  She has a hump on her back, and as a result they do not want to do surgery because of the position she would have to be in.  The doctor must feel that the position would increase her chances of blood loss, and her religion prohibits her from receiving a blood transfusion if it is required.  Most of my family would judge her for this.  I don't like to because I don't understand.  But I do feel frustrated by it.  So yeah, these are the details as I know them...  all the info is second hand, of course, so something is bound to be inaccurate in all of this. 

My grandfather on the same side of the family also suffered from more than one heart attack; although, it is not what he died from.  

All of this business with the heart issues really has me thinking.  I need to make a concentrated effort to keep being active, and do a better job of monitoring my intake of saturated fats.  I already watch for the trans fats like a hawk, and I've greatly reduced my salt intake over the past year, but I've been lazy with the saturated fats.  It's time to step up the effort.  Keeping active over the next few years will most likely be a challenge for me, but even if I continue to keep trying like I have for the past year, at least it will still be a part of my life still when I am no longer constantly attached to a baby.  I'm sure there will always be a reason why finding the time is difficult, but I was doing a great job when I became pregnant with BB, and I'm confident that if I was able to do it before, I'll be able to do it again.  After all, DH and I need to set an example for BB and BN2, right?

In a way, I almost feel a bit doomed.  On my dad's side, they seem to have heart issues.  My mother's side is ridden with cancer.  Sometimes I wonder what sort of a time-bomb is ticking inside of me.  But, perhaps I'll be hit by a bus tomorrow.  


Independent Chick said...

Very sorry to hear about your Gram. But she is in the right place. They are wonderful in SJ. She will receive very good care there. Rest assured with that!

I know what you mean about he doomed thing. Dad with his heart, his Dad passing from a stroke and four people with brain aneurysms (including my Mom) on her side... But the way I look at it like it's my last. And yes, it with the way they drive, it just might be the city bus that takes me out.

cuddles said...

They did take great care of her, and now she's recovering at my aunt's! It's amazing how quickly they are able to leave the hospital after having such a procedure!