Monday, July 13, 2009

Silly Times

Yesterday I was folding laundry in BB's room while he explored.  He took a bib off of the shelf of his change table and brought it to me.  I fastened it around his neck while he grinned from ear to ear.  As soon as I had it fastened he took off towards the kitchen giggling hysterically.  He ran around the house laughing and laughing.  He seemed to think wearing a bib when he wasn't eating was hilarious. 
After he was done playing with the bib, he wanted to get into the basketful of clean washcloths.  I plunked him in, and we played our "near-far" game (where I slide the basket away and say, "Far!" and then bring it towards me and say, "Near!"  Remember Grover playing this?)  Then I put a washcloth on his head and he giggled, so I pulled a bunch of washcloths out from under him and buried in him.  He thought that was soooooo funny.  So did I. 
Just two of the many reasons why I love my little monkey man.  xo

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