Monday, February 15, 2010

I miss you

Hello blog. I miss you. I moved all of your old posts to the private blog the other day. I miss knowing that I can express my thoughts here anytime I want to release them without directing them at any one person. However, until prying eyes can't hurt me, it's best that I keep my thoughts and my personal life as private things.

I will say that I am missing being loved. It's so hard to stand back and love someone and know that while they like and care for you they don't love you. For now I will wait and hope that time has a way of making things right again. xo to you my love.


Mr. & Mrs. said...

Thinking of you, hun!

cuddles said...

Thanks, Melissa.

Independent Chick said...

Time always makes it right. : ) Thinking about you lots.

cuddles said...

I know you're right, but I'm far too impatient to wait for time.

Thanks for the note. xo