Sunday, April 18, 2010

I need a switch to turn these things off

Why can't I just be his friend? I was getting there. I was okay with it. And now that we're on the phone constantly again and spent the last two evenings together, I feel the old feelings resurfacing. Oh, and he's wonderful with BG. Maybe it's just that I'm feeling protective of him right now, and that's feeling like those other feelings?

How did I recognize that I was having these feelings? I felt sad going to bed last night without first having a late-night convo. And then I realized.

Am I going to act on these feelings? Nope. I know they're not reciprocated, and that's okay. And anyway, my head knows that going down that road again isn't smart. However, my head and my heart are often not connected these days... Maybe they never have been.

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