Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Continuing onwards and upwards

Nine months ago tonight, my life (temporarily) fell apart.

This morning I signed the separation agreement.

Glad to have that done. Progress is good.

Three more months until eHarmony will accept my credit card. Bahaha.


Independent Chick said...

Progress is good.

And don't pay for eHarmony!! It's just ePOF only you're paying for it. Take it from a twit who knows. Bahahaha back at ya! ; P

cuddles said...

"ePOF" <- bahahahah! :)

There's nothing I like better in the pond than seeing someone who has PAID for the free membership. Instead of the "Serious Member" profile badge, they should have a badge that says "Idiot".

My apologies to anyone reading who has paid for the free PoF membership. :)