Monday, July 19, 2010

It's in the contract

Tonight as I was drying BB after his bath and getting him ready for bed, he wanted to put the cream on his bum himself. I explained to him, "No, Mommy has to put the cream on your bum. It's in the contract." He repeated, "Bal. Cont." ("Bum. Contract.") while pointing at his bum.

Little dude is picking up on everything.

At Christmas, N gave him a set of 10 two-piece puzzles. One piece of each puzzle is a picture (bear, turtle, etc.) and the corresponding piece is the name of the colour of the picture (brown, green, etc.) In December, he only wanted to destroy the puzzles. He couldn't grasp the idea of how to actually use them, so I put them in his closet until he was a bit older and could appreciate them. I pulled them out of his closet on Saturday and showed him how to use them. By yesterday, he was picking up the colour pieces, and saying the name of the object on the corresponding piece before he even looked for the piece. He'd pick up the blue piece and say, "Whae" ("Whale"), then go in search of the piece with the whale on it. Then he'd pick up the pink piece and say, "Minkee" ("Flamingo") and then look for the piece depicting the flamingo.

Earlier today we were reading my old Sesame Street dictionary. We came across the entry for "accident". He pointed to the picture and said, "Mess!" I explained that the mess was an accident. For the rest of the day, accidents were his obsession. He would take his ride-on car, tip it over onto its side and say, "Ack!" with his hands in the air as if he was wondrous at how this accident could have possibly happened. Then he'd put it upright again and say, "Awake!" Moments later he'd say, "Un mor ack." ("One more accident." or "Another accident.") and the cycle would repeat itself.

He's a funny little guy. One of my two rays of sunshine.

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