Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not a technical post

I've been itching for the new iPhone to be released in Canada. I've had my pink Razr for over three years now. I really have no real reason for wanting the iPhone specifically. A couple people I know have them. N has spent a bit of time showing off the pretty things hers can do. It seems so simple.

A couple other people have showed me their non-iPhone phones. (On a side note, why is everyone so proud of their phones? Why do they all think their phone is the best?) Their phones seem to do the same things I want my iPhone for, and would cost less money. But I still want my iPhone. The idea is in my head, it's now what I want.

I saw this video this morning and it reminded me of my current frame of mind. You can guess which character I see myself as. ;o)

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