Monday, September 13, 2010

A big day for BG

Today has been a milestone day for BG.

I knew that she was close to cutting her first teeth for quite some time now. Yesterday I noticed that the white bumps were so close to the surface that you could see the multiple little white bumps on each tooth. Today I'd stick my finger in her mouth periodically to feel for little bits of sharpness. Early this afternoon, all I could feel was her gums. By late this afternoon, I felt not one, but two teeth!

She and I are hanging out on our bed right now (well, our mattress.) A few minutes ago she grabbed my fingers and tried to pull herself up into a sitting position, so I helped her up. Once she was sitting, she used her feet to push herself into a standing position, simply using my fingers for support. I'm a bit shocked right now! We've repeated the game several times since. She's starting to get tired now though. My baby's growing up!

I want another! :)


The Mrs. said...

TEETH! How exciting! Little A has yet to cut any! lol

cuddles said...

What Alivia lacks in teeth she makes up for in hair!