Monday, October 4, 2010

Back from the edge

Today was a significantly better day. I made a point of not doing anything that would create any potential stressful situations. So, we didn't bake, we only ate leftovers, BG had her meal of rice while BB was eating (playing) with his lunch (this meant he wasn't wearing her rice like he did yesterday.) We spent most of the day playing on the living room floor. After lunch, I popped the kids into the stroller, and took them out for a 30 minute walk, and then we spent another half of an hour in the front yard. I sat on the stairs while BB played with a broom and watering can (and his two stuffies that joined us for the walk) and BG enjoyed chilling in her infant carrier on the front walk way. I put BB down for his nap about 15 minutes late, but he immediately fell asleep. BG fell asleep by 15:30, and I had 30 minutes of time to myself before I had to wake BB up from his nap. Heaven. BG continued to sleep for 30 minutes after BB got up, so he and I were able to have some quiet cuddles and story time together. The usual 17:30 chaos didn't happen. I didn't remotely feel like I was at the end of my rope. The three of us happily played in the living room until after 19:00. BB went to bed around 19:30, and immediately went to sleep again.

Overall, a great day.

Every day can't be void of chores and cooking though. However, after my many parenting meltdowns yesterday morning, this felt like the right thing to do today. I didn't know if it would work, but it did.

Tomorrow my mother is coming out to stay with the kids and I'm heading into town for a bit. I need to pick up some supplies to make a lasagna to take to a friend's birthday part Thursday night. I can't stay in town for too long, since BG will need to eat, but getting out will be good.

I'm proud of myself for taking the step back today. Refocusing. Not trying to do it all. I did the right thing, and I hope that the next time I'm teetering on the edge, I'll remember today.

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Independent Chick said...

You're doing fantastic cuddles. Never underestimate yourself. XO