Monday, January 24, 2011


I bit the bullet this afternoon and deleted my profile from the pond. I need a break. It's not that I'm not open to meeting new people or a relationship, but I need a break from the site... the little lift I get when someone sends a message, the disappointment when I realize it's the same dirty old man in SJ who just messaged me a week ago (for example), or someone who can't even be bothered to type more than five words to me, etc. I've met some great people through the site, and formed a few great friendships too. The overall experience was good, and I'm sure I'll be back at some point. Just not right now.

There's still eHarmony... but really, I get very few matches sent to me from the area. It was a complete waste of money.

So for now, it's me, the kiddos, and my friends and family.


Independent Chick said...

You got to the same point I did. Met some great people and some real tools. Need to get out of the game (that game) for a while. Gives you a better perspective if you decide to venture back in. : )

cuddles said...

My big thing right now is that I miss browsing... there was always something a bit hopeful about it... like Mr. Right was suddenly going to appear on my screen. Wishful thinking, I know, but it still left me with a bit of hope. On the flip side, it's one less website for me to waste my time on! :)

Hope things are going well for you! xo

Independent Chick said...

True enough. The browsing can be fun. I can't take that away from you but that place, wow, it's a ride...for the good and for the bad (mostly the bad). You will absolutely meet the right person. I have no doubt in my mind. You will meet them when you're ready. You'll know when you're ready. : ) The perfect person for you will's the strangest thing. : )

All is well. : ) XOXO