Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello Bachelor E!

I caved on the weekend and created a new profile in the pond. I didn't look at the print screen I kept of the old profile, I created something completely new. It better reflects where I am now rather than the old one that was originally created when I was pregnant with BG. Sure, the old one has been modified since then (many times) but it no longer felt personal to me. This one is much better. Another thing different is that I decided not to post any pics publicly. This has reduced the number of responses I've been receiving, but that's okay. The few responses I have received have been better than the "Your cute wanna chat?" messages anyway.

I've been getting to know one person in particular... he seems to be everything I'm looking for. He's even dreamy! How long has it been since I've said someone was dreamy? No idea if we'll jive in person or not, but wow... I'm so anxious to find out. Where is that negative attitude and dread that I usually feel before meeting someone new?

This is how obsessed I am about this - I had another tooth pulled today and I'm not even writing about that! Nope, Bachelor E is on my mind tonight. ;o) (Which is too bad for anyone reading, because you'd probably find the story about my tooth being pulled far more amusing than another bachelor post! But this is what you're stuck with!)

Keep your fingers crossed for me... :)


AY@tes said...

I'd like to hear more about this "tooth" you had extracted from your head. :)

He does sound like a good guy though from everything you've said. Lets hope he stays a good guy.

Independent Chick said...

You're too cute. : ) Fingers and toes crossed. XO

cuddles said...

@AY@tes - telling the tooth story would further delay future emails from me!

@Independent Chick - Thanks! I'll take all the good vibes out there! :) XO