Friday, February 27, 2009

The Light of my Life

Last month it seemed that BB was putting most of his efforts into learning to pull himself up and stand.  He's still doing this (he can even pull himself up using the wall now for support... nothing to really grab on to!) but he's back to developing some more neat tricks as well. 

A couple of months ago he started giving me kisses.  His kisses consisted of him wriggling over to me and pressing his open mouth against my face, and drooling all over me.  He never would do it if I asked, it was always something he would initiate on his own.  Now if I put my cheek in front of his face and ask for a kiss, he'll give me one.  And I noticed yesterday that he's starting to move his lips a little bit while he does it too.  So sweet!  This morning when he kissed me he dug his bottom teeth into my cheek... hopefully he doesn't continue doing that!  

DH has also taught BB to make kissing noises.  Now we can say, "kisses!" and kiss the air, and BB will smack his sweet little lips together to make a smacking sound.  The little grin that accompanies the sound is absolutely adorable.  He's so proud of himself.  One more way we are able to communicate with one another that doesn't involve him crying.  

Speaking of crying, BB is beginning to get angry when we take him away from something he shouldn't be into.  He'll cry and scream.  Luckily at this point, you can usually distract him pretty quickly with a toy.  But he remembers what he shouldn't have and eventually tries to go for it again.  

I've noticed this week that BB is now doing an honest-to-goodness crawl more often than not.  Up until now his main mode of transportation (besides being in our arms!) has been the "Wounded Soldier Shuffle"  (I actually read different stages of crawling in a Pampers brochure recently, and they called it the "Combat Crawl".  I had to laugh at the similar description.)  I don't think he moves much faster by crawling this way, but I think it's one step closer to being vertical. 

More on the vertical--He's now cruising a bit.  Not a lot but he is taking a few steps between the toy box and the chair in the living room (they're close enough that he can keep one hand on something as he moves about) and is also moving from end to end of the couch.

Dancing has become one of BB's favourite things.  He does it everywhere.  In his highchair, while playing and standing.  Yesterday he even did it while crawling.  He got on his hands and knees, pointed his bum in my direction and started wiggling it.  hehe.  

BB now claps his hands.  He'll do it when he's dancing (and he dances everywhere... in his highchair, while playing, standing, etc.  Sometimes he even does it without music.  

Yesterday his sixth tooth arrived--just two days after the fifth.  This one is on top, to the left of where his left front tooth will be.  I'm expecting that missing tooth any day now; it's so close to the surface, as is the tooth to the right of his right front tooth.

I went out last night to visit a friend, so DH was left to take care of the bath and bed time routine.  BB was happy in the grown-up bathtub!  Hurray!  Looks like I won't need to don my swimsuit tonight for his bath!  

Hopefully I've remembered everything I wanted to log.  If not, I reserve the right to edit to add things as I remember them!  :)


ML said...

They grow so fast!! Pretty hard to believe isn't it?

Independent Chick said...

Their kisses are the absolute best. You just wait until BB has his arms around your neck, kisses you with those little lips and tells you he loves'll melt like I do...every single time. : ) xo

cuddles said...

ML, Fast doesn't even begin to describe it! I'm so thankful for my digital camera so I can capture a lot of it. And I'm also thankful for Facebook, since that's where I actually record a little blurb to go with the pictures! ...Not that *all* of the pics are on FB, but at least one shot from a lot of big moments have been uploaded!

Independent Chick, I never thought I'd like having another human being drool on me! :) I hate to make BB grow up any faster than he is, but I'm *really* looking forward to hearing those words!